P3 MemX - Installation

Please read the following information carefully !

You'll kick yourself if you miss something here that you later realise would have prevented you from screwing your P3 up.

The extra memory on the MemX board can only be used by the v4 OS.
Previous v3 releases will NOT WORK RELIABLY - pattern data can be lost.
If for some reason you must run v3 with a MemX board installed, use this memx patched v3.1.007

The videos below show how to remove the front panel from a P3, and how to install the MemX board.
Both videos feature the production P3 enclosure, which has plenty space for the board - read the note below if you have a pre-production or kit built unit.

The MemX board is fitted with a mounting header which gives enough height for the board to sit above the remaining RAM chip and the P3 CPU. There should also be room to clear capacitor C3, which is normally a low-profile 10uF electrolytic cap.
In a small number of production units, and more likely in kit built units, larger caps may have been used for C3, which will foul the MemX board.
If this happens, you may be able to bend C3 over to give enough room. If there isn't enough clearance to bend it out the way, you may need to desolder one of the pins a little.

One problem which has come up before with the production P3 is that the screws used for mounting the front panel in early units were hex headed types, which proved to strip easily if they were fitted too tightly, and removed with a hex bit that was at all worn.
If you have hex headed screws on your front panel, we recommend the use of a T8 TORX bit to remove them - the points of the Torx bit will fit tightly into the corners of the hex screw, and provide a more secure grip.

If your front panel is fitted with Posidrive screws (these look like Philips screws, but are not !), make sure you use a Posidrive bit - using a Philips bit can also cause stripping of the screw heads, which makes them very hard to get out.

Pre-Production or Kit Built Units

If you have a kit built P3 with a custom enclosure, or a pre-production model, it may not be possible to install the MemX board without first making some other modification.

Pay careful attention to the available space between the MemX board and the switch or pot board which will be mounted above it once the case is closed. If you have any doubt at all that the increased height of MemX may not allow the case to close, contact Sequentix before attempting to squeeze it in.

P3 Front Panel Removal

This video shows how to lift off the front panel and disconnect the ribbon cables following removal of the 8 panel screws.
Note that later models have only a single cable for the DATA and TEMPO pots, located in the same position.

MemX Installation Video